Friday, August 17, 2007

Be My Little Baby

It's official. Peanut is no longer a baby. I'm devastated and excited by this latest development. In the last week he's decided:
  • Who needs nursing? Milk is where it's at. He's pretty much weaned himself. A few months ago, I was so ready for the whole breastfeeding thing to be over. Now that it seems to be, I'm kind of sad it wasn't my decision...although I know it went a lot easier because he was the one to say "um, mom, it's not you, it's me. I hope we can still be friends -- now hand over the sippy cup!"
  • Walking is way more fun than crawling. Not always faster, but definitely worth trying out...A LOT.
  • Testing mommy's limits is funny!
  • Pointing is a very effective form of communication.
  • Bananas are still my favorite food...unless there is a toaster waffle next to it.
  • Mommy won't let me watch TV yet, but it seriously can't be better than watching the front-load washing machine fill with water and then start spinning. I mean, wow. Who needs hi-def?
So, yes, I miss my snugly little bundle of baby smell. But this little comedian cracks me up so much and fills me with such wonder at each of his little discoveries that it's usually a short-lived wistful 'what happened to my little baby moment?' and then we're off to the next thing. And chances are that thing is something we're not supposed to be playing with anyway (see "testing mommy's limits is funny").

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