Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Son the Comedian

The peanut has a wicked sense of humor and is easily amused by the hubby's slapstick routines, messes he makes at the dinner table, silly faces from mama and running around the house in his birthday suit. But today, he proved his comedic chops (even if he didn't realize it).

Peanut was busy emptying the contents of our coffee table drawers. I was happy to let him occupy himself this way since I was busy tracking down our shoes/sippy cups/books for distraction/keys/cell phone for a trip to the pediatrician (peanut's got an in-grown toenail) and most of the drawers were baby-proofed months ago and contain mostly magazines, paper and coloring books.

Apparently, shoved in the back was an errant part of my pumping kit (that piece of plastic you stick the bottle in to keep it standing up straight that I never really figured out why it was necessary, hence why it was crammed in the back of a drawer). He pulled it out, examined it, looked at me and for some inexplicable reason said:

"Moo Moo"

Ba-dum-ching. He'll be here all week, folks!


Meredith said...

That is perfect....I love it

Amy said...

HYSTERICAL! I too have never figured out the purpose of that yellow thing. I mean did some dude somewhere think we couldn't prevent pumped milk from dumping over? WHAT. BTW, thanks for your kind offer - so sweet of you!

Melissa said...

Bwhaha! How is it that kids just know what things are for!

Thanks for stopping by!