Tuesday, June 2, 2009

High Heels and Reality TV

I admit I've been sucked back into the drama that is Jon and Kate. I loved the show when it was focused on the difficulties raising eight kids and felt relatively real. When the product placements and trips and benefits started appearing in each episode, the show lost a bit of its luster and I tuned out.

The tabloid headlines were enough to tempt me to tune in for the season premier to see exactly how the show would handle the real life drama on a "reality" show...how real would it get?

There are plenty of things I could say, observations to make, but in all honesty, it doesn't really matter to me and who am I to judge? It matters to those poor kids and I have to have faith that their parents will put their interests before those of the 9.8 million viewers who tuned in last week.

The one thing that did stand out that I do feel qualified to comment on...Kate's shoes.

Anyone else notice how in episode one she goes to a children's museum with six kids in a pair of very sassy peep toe heels? Then, last night (yes, I tuned in again), when faced with a surprise destination for her birthday, she changes out of jeans and a pull over into a silk top, blazer and hot pink heels.

That was when I knew this show was no longer based in reality. I'm sorry. But heels at a children's museum? How do you manage the quick extrication of a child from a tussle over the moon sand shovels or referee a dispute in the mini-kitchen when squatting on a pair of heels? An unknown destination with eight kids? Chances are it's not going to be a five star restaurant.

Maybe it's just jealousy. I only have one child (plus a ride along) and I can't imagine pulling out my pumps for a play date. Okay, I'd like to imagine that play date, but my reality is flats instead of the ubiquitous flip flops is considered "dressing up."

Oh well. Who am I to deny someone the pleasure of sassing up an outfit? If I weren't currently a walking cliche of barefoot and pregnant (and eating ice cream...again), I might be tempted to try out the heels at the next meeting of our toddler art group. But the thought of finger paint on my shoes or playground mulch peeping through my peep toes? Horrors. I'd rather wear the flip flops and call it a day.

Maybe I'll compensate with mascara that day.


Lacey said...

I never even got to her shoes! Her hair is always perfectly coiffed and she has on makeup - that's more than I could handle even before baby.

Calling pumpking a "ride along" made me laugh out loud, btw. :)

Meredith said...

I loved the "ride along" comment as well....nice one!

Come-on Sis, we can get you to be a sheik mommy - all we need is a live in nanny for peanut, a surrogate for pumpkin and a big pay off with the lottery - start working on those, okay!

Keep me posted b/c I just want to be the live in sister in your fancy mansion...not a nanny, not a surrogate - just live in F.U.N!!!!

Love you, miss you - and for goodness sake - try a little lip gloss with the mascara - for me :)

CDB said...

I agree-I love the "ride along" reference as well, and totally plan to use that one. From now on, we should refer to #2 as "ride along"! (:

I'm proud to admit I've never seen Jon&Kate, except in the checkout lines on tabloid covers. I dont' even know what channel they're on!!

Life As I Know It said...

I completely agree with you. I actually liked the show when it first started. When they were living in a small house, on a small salary and raising 8 kids. I remember one early episode where Kate was cutting coupons...those were REAL. Once they moved into the multi million dollar house, I stopped watching. Now it's all about ratings.