Friday, March 5, 2010

In the Blink of a Cliche

Today is Pumpkin's four month birthday. And yes, the time has flown by. Actually, the first two months felt good and steady. No time a-flyin' there. Then I blinked and two more months passed and I feel those cliched words escaping my lips: where did the time go?

Despite the quickening clock, these last four months have been quite a revelation. I've had to adjust to the idea that not everyone's needs are going to be met 100 percent - or even 60, 50 and sometimes 30 percent - of the time. I have learned to accept help. I have witnessed my three year old go from excited about the baby to not so sure of this whole thing to a helpful big brother who relishes in the attention Pumpkin gives him. And I quickly learned about priorities, taking time each day to revel in the love and the giggles.

And then there is this little chunky-monkey who has stolen my heart and claimed his rightful place in our family. He's a total talker, squealing and chattering away. His newest trick is blowing raspberries and boy, oh boy, does he do a lot of that. It's even cute at three in the morning, if not the most appropriate time for bubble blowing. He's abandoned the pacifier, found his fingers and we recently moved him out of the bassinet in our room and into the crib in his and Peanut's room. He would rather be sitting up or standing than cradled. If you move his arms, you will get some serious smiles and giggles. And ticklish? Incredibly so.

I'm amazed, yet again, at how quickly these little blobs of baby goodness turn into people with personalities. Luckily, this kid fits right in.

Brotherly love


Amy Jo said...

Such a sweet photo! I know what you mean, too. The early days seem so clear, but then these past few months were a blur! They grow up so quickly...

Megan said...

That picture is the cutest thing I've ever seen!