Sunday, July 11, 2010

C is for Date Night?

Tonight at dinner, we were working on getting Peanut to eat his spaghetti relatively neatly. My expectations aren't too high, but I do expect him to give a good faith effort at the dinner table. He's big into pretend, right now, so I suggested we pretend we are in a fancy restaurant.

Peanut thought it was somewhat fun as I acted like a completely silly waiter, but tried to insist that restaurants aren't in houses and we were in a house. I tried another tack:

High Heeled Mama: "Someday you might want to take LG (his friend from school he calls his girlfriend) to a nice restaurant, so you'll need to know how to behave."

Peanut: "No, I want to take her to the place with the cookies. Where was that place, mommy?"

HHM: "Schlotzky's Deli?" (Where we met up with the hubby for lunch near his office last week and P's meal came with a cookie).

P: "Yeah, schlozzie's. That's a good place."

Oh, my poor child's future dates. I apologize in advance. This boy has a lot to learn.

Although, I suppose cookies isn't a bad place to start...

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