Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Flush, I mean Plush Dolls

While doing a bit of online browsing for some sort of kick start idea of what to get the hubby for Christmas, I came across this.

Um, what?!

I'm open to peanut playing with dolls. I don't think there is any reason to limit him to gender specific toys. After all, some of my favorite toys growing up were trucks and blocks, as well as my Barbies. But Pee and Poo dolls? Oh goodness. There is so much about parenting I am unprepared for (and so many potty jokes running through my head). How exactly do these help with potty training? Really. The more I think about the possibilities, the grosser it's starting to sound.

The good news: they're sold as a set. Like two pees peas in a poo pod.

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