Friday, February 8, 2008

Phone Call From the Hubby While on My Way to Gal's Night Out

High Heeled Mama bracing for the worst as the cell phone rings while driving with a girlfriend to happy hour (since peanut's been recovering from a tummy bug this week).

Hubby: Hey. Um, how do you get pee stains out of the carpet?

HHM: What? Why is there pee on the carpet?

Hubby: I took peanut's diaper off then went to start the tub for his bath. When I came back into his room he was peeing on the floor.

HHM: Why did you --

Hubby: It was like 15 seconds!

[HHM and High Heeled Friend, Jenn, trying to stifle their laughter in the car]

HHM: I would just blot it with paper towels and check under the sink for the Resolve.

Hubby: Well, I put a diaper on it face down real quick cause I figured it would be absorbent.

Can't really argue with that logic, now can you?

1 comment:

Sara (Self-Made Mom) said...

your hubby seems quite resourceful! Why, all I do when my son pees on the floor is wipe it up with water and soap. A new trick for me!