Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Taking Your Toddler to a Routine 16-Week OB Appt is a Bad Idea

While waiting for the nurse midwife, he exhausts the coloring books, cars, books and snacks I've packed for him in three minutes flat, starts looking around for a new distraction and...

...thinks the stirrups are a phone and insists on talking directly into them.

That's an image that's going to stick with me entirely too long.


Amy Jo said...

I started taking Sam to the drop in nursery at Peachtree Presbyterian after a particular harrowing OB exam. It's very affordable and hourly. Here is their website, if you're interested!


Best of luck, and good luck on your vacations!

Amy said...

HAHA That is too funny. I was thinking of taking Lila to an appointment - thought it might be good for her to experience more "baby talk" but I think I've been talked out of it and will continue to go solo!

selfmademom said...

Kinda like when my son thought my tampon was string cheese. Nothing is sacred, really.