Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Hear Nigeria's Nice This Time of Year

So...apparently I went to bed last night and woke up this morning stranded in Nigeria. Or so the email (with my blog address signature) that originated from my personal Yahoo account would have everyone I've ever sent an email to from that address believe. Let me just assure you all, I am not stranded in Nigeria, I have never even been overseas (sad, but true). Do not reply to that email since I can't even access my Yahoo account right now, but if you do want to send the $3,500 that the email suggested, I'd be happy to send you my mailing address! : ) Okay, maybe not. But it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit violated today. Someone has compromised my personal email and totally reeked havoc on my Tuesday. I'm dealing with enough minor stresses right now planning for a real trip out of town with just the peanut, that I really don't need another. And trying to fix the problem has been difficult at best. The good news is that so many friends and family members have cared enough to call or email my Gmail account, that I'm feeling slightly special in my totally annoyed, how dare those crazy Nigerians break into my email state.

And don't you think they could have come up with something better than Nigeria? I mean, Nigeria is so Spam 2007.

On the bright side - since they included my email signature, perhaps I'll get a spike in blog traffic today. I'll let you know if I get any hits in Nigeria!


Kathryn said...

Ugh. Flipping spam. And yes, you'd think they would have come up with something better by now.

Maureen said...

Don't they know that Nigeria raises red flags for people now? Duh! I guess they needed a story for the mailing address they would eventually send us.