Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Son the Charmer

I have already mentioned that my son is a comedian and honestly, I could post an example of his impeccable comedic timing just about every day. But today, he blew me away with his charm.

We headed over to the pediatrician's office this morning - peanut's fever was hanging around this morning and higher than I would like and it looked like there could have been some ear pulling happening as well. So, off we went.

The doctor finally came in after we'd exhausted our supply of books and toys and then the ones in the exam room (which had this germaphobe mama's skin crawling and the Purell flowing) and I was afraid peanut would be in no mood to be examined. In a strange stroke of luck, our normal doc was out today, so we were seeing someone peanut didn't associate with shots or poking and prodding. The exam went something like this:

Doctor: "Hi there, peanut. Can I listen to your truck (peanut was wearing a t-shirt with a truck on it) to see how it's running?"

-Doctor listening to peanut's chest and lungs

Doctor: "Sounds good, little guy."

Peanut: "Ank you."

Doctor: "Let's take a look at your ears."

-Doctor trying to look in peanut's ears, which he REALLY doesn't like. When the doctor was done, peanut whimpered and:

Peanut: "Ank you."

My polite little peanut! Even though he feels icky and hates being examined, he was still so gracious and said thank you totally unprompted by me. So cute. Even the doc commented on his politeness. I have to say, this is so important to me. It seems like so many kids these days aren't aware of the importance and power of a kind word, so to see the beginnings of an aware and responsive child makes this mama proud.

How did I get to be so lucky?


And the verdict? No ear infection. But he did have some drainage in the back of his throat, so it's probably a minor upper respiratory thing. No need for antibiotics, thank goodness. It should clear up soon...we hope!


Kathryn said...

Yeah for no ear infection and double yeah for polite kids! Weehoo!!!

Jenny said...

What a sweetheart! Glad to hear it's nothing major. Hope he feels better soon!