Monday, February 7, 2011

Stars Go to the Library Just Like Us

Saturday morning found the Peanut and I trolling our local library. Our strategy at the library tends to consist of picking an aisle and randomly perusing the shelves for a book that has cool illustrations, space ships or pirates. While chasing after the Peanut as he went from the "B" to the "K" aisle, a woman and her daughter passed me. I had the quick sense of recognition and glanced back to see if it was another mother from Peanut's school or someone from Pumpkin's music class I should acknowledge when I realized it was Jennifer Garner.

Talk about double take.

She is apparently in town with her family filming a movie. She was looking completely laid back yet still glam in her jeans and hair pulled back. I'm not sure if anyone else recognized her. If they did, they kept their distance, too. I enjoyed my moment of spotting a star and then gathered up the Peanut and his stack of books and headed home.

Later, I had to laugh. I figured that even though movie stars are normal people and can spend their morning in the local public library entertaining their kids on a Saturday morning, they probably weren't spending their Saturday afternoons scrubbing their floors followed by watching their husbands assembling an IKEA cabinet.

Although, the IKEA cabinet instructions did indicate that I should have been wearing heels when I helped:

Perhaps there is hope for my Saturday afternoons yet.

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Life As I Know It said...

very cool! I bet she was happy that no one was bothering her, too...good to feel like a normal person in a library on a Saturday morning.