Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Looks Like this High Heeled Mama Needs a Pair of Cowboy Boots

Why I'll be buying this CD:

* Because breast cancer is just plain stupid and whatever we can do to help those surviving the fight and keep it from affecting one more woman, the better ($10 of each CD sale benefits the Susan G Komen Foundation).

* Because when Garth Brooks performed on Good Morning America on Monday morning, peanut stopped tearing up the newspaper, sat quietly staring at the screen, and at the conclusion of the second chorus turned to me smiling and started clapping. He then returned to watching the rest of the performance. Guess he's a fan!

Although, seriously, if you ever get a chance to see Garth Brooks (although he keeps saying he'll never tour again) or Prince in concert, you just HAVE to go. These two put on the best concerts I've ever seen. The hubby does not like country music (well, except the Dixie Chicks, but I'm not sure his motives are pure) and even he loved the Garth concert we went to years ago. And Prince...who knew such a little guy could pack such a powerful performance punch!

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Lacey said...

I'm a Garth fan, too, and in case there are others out there, the CD comes out sometime around Nov 13, I think. Just FYI!