Monday, October 29, 2007

No High Heels Today, Just RED SOX!

Good times never felt so good! (so good, so good, so good!).

Oh yeah, we did it again. For a team that couldn't win a series in our grandparents' lifetimes, to a team that has now done it twice in four years...I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. That and the fact that I'm realizing I'm entirely too old for staying up til after 1AM and then being back up at 7 with my very eager toddler. And we didn't even crack open the champagne like we did last time (although no worries, we probably will tonight!).

So congrats to a team that plays clean with two cancer survivors, two rookies who nearly blew my socks off they played with such poise, a man behind the plate who is simply the best in baseball (and seemingly a really great guy, too), a bullpen who plays their own version of Stomp during the games and a closing pitcher who does a mean Riverdance.



Megan said...

Sign the petition to keep Mike Lowell!!! (They CAN'T seriously be considering signing A Rod, can they?!)

And I know Ellsbury is only 15, but if this thing with my fiance' doesn't work out, I'm totally going after him!

Megan said...

BTW--Varitek went to Georgia Tech? With NOMAR?! And did you see that Nomar and Mia Hamm had twin girls back in the spring?

High Heeled Mama said...

We totally knew the GaTech and Nomar connections...Tek was in town for some GaTech thing and I was totally prepared to stalk him!! I have a crazy crush on him. Too bad for this husband thing (oh yeah, and I think he's married, too).

Signed the petition!

Going to Homecoming this weekend? We're taking the peanut!

Megan said...

As luck would have it, we ARE headed to the Carolinas this weekend! However, it's to the Charlotte area, not Chapel Hill. One day I'm going to make it to Homecoming!!

BTW, my fiance' went to the Red Sox Rolling Rally today.

milky cabrera said...

And let's not forget about the Tar Heel on the roster!!!