Monday, October 22, 2007

Well I Love That Dirty Water

Oh...Boston you're my home!

(to explain how Boston, NC and Atlanta are all my home towns would take entirely too much space. Let's just say I have a legitimate and genetic link to Red Sox Nation and despite the sinus congestion peanut and I are both fighting today, we're happy, happy members of said Nation!)



Megan said...

1. Papelbon is inSANE. He is just CRAZY!!
2. When did JD Drew amass a .412 batting average? Can that be right?
4. Lugo--well, we've got to have one guy in the infield that ain't great, right?
5. I. Love. Pedroia.
6. I. Love. Ellsbury. (Even though he's 15. And beat UNC as a member of Oregon State's baseball team in the College World Series. Love him!)
7. Did I mention that Papelbon is insane? He's goggles and Cotton Eyed Joe crazy. Nuts.
8. Go SOX!!

High Heeled Mama said...

Papelbon is totally insane and I love it. Did you hear how Captain Crazy himself, Kevin Millar, threw out the first pitch Sunday? He brings the good mojo!

Megan said...

Ahhh.. Mill-arrr!! He always reminds me of marching band, because I say his name like a pirate--just like we used to do with the "ARRRR" in "C-A-ARRRRR-O-L-I-N-A!!"
Hopefully, tonight's game is more dramatic!