Monday, November 24, 2008

30 Days of Thanks: Day 24

Today I am thankful shipment tracking.

A week and a half ago I ordered some sassy new boots online. I was so excited about them. I'd been looking and looking for some flat riding boots that I could incorporate into the winter wardrobe without breaking the winter budget and I had finally found the perfect pair.

(I know, I know...Flats? I have some fantastic heeled boots, but they aren't practical for Music Class the playground or the grocery store!)

So, I got an email notice last week that they had shipped and I should expect them 4 to 8 days from the original purchase date. When they had not arrived by this weekend, I took a look at the tracking. Here's a quick summary:

They left the facility of origin in Ohio on 11/17.
Arrived in Doraville, GA on the 18th.
Then Salt Lake City on the 19th.
Colorado on the 20th.
The 21st was a busy day - two town in Kansas to Little Rock ending up in Memphis.
No activity over the weekend, but today, they have arrived back in Doraville, GA.

Let's take a closer look at this - I live in Atlanta, a mere 22 miles south of Doraville. I could have driven to their facility, picked up my boots and been home in less than an hour. Instead, they've been on a week long, cross-country tour for who knows what reason. I only hope they are actually on their way to my house and not back to Salt Lake City!

Today, I'd like to be thankful for my new boots, instead, I'll have to settle for the chuckle I got at their road trip adventure.

The least they could have done was send a postcard.


cornnut32 said...


i love that online tracking thing too. i just ordered a bunch of photo prints and our christmas cards from snapfish, and i get emails every time something changed--they got the order, they processed the order, they shipped the order. got them today. :)

Thom said... better get out more often. Doraville is 7 Miles from DOWNTOWN Atlanta, so it's about 5 miles from the city limits.
Where do you live?